Fractal Corrections of BaTiO3-ceramic Sintering Parameters

  • V. V. Mitić University of Niš, Faculty of Electronic Engineering; Institute of Technical Sciences of SASA
  • Lj. Kocić University of Niš, Faculty of Electronic Engineering
  • V. Paunović University of Niš, Faculty of Electronic Engineering
  • V. B. Pavlović Institute of Technical Sciences of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts; University of Belgrade, Faculty of Agriculture


Morphology of ceramics grains and pores as well as Brownian character of particle dynamics inside ceramics specimen contributes to better understanding of the sintering process. BaTiO3-ceramics, studied in this paper, has light fractal form and it is emanated in three aspects. First, the surface of grains, even in starting green body as well as distribution of grains shows fractal behavior. Second, existence of pores and their distribution follow the rules of fractal geometry. Third, movement of particles inside viscous flow underlies the rule of Brownian motion, which is essentially a fractal category. These three elements, each in its domain influence sintering dynamics, and can be described by dimensionless quantitative factors , S P α α and M α , being normalized to the interval [0,1]. Following sintering process, the associate formulae of Frenkel, Scherer and Mackenzie-Shuttleworth are shown from the angle of view of ceramics fractal dimension changing that approaches to 3. Also, it is shown that the energy balance is not violated after applying fractal correction to quasi equilibrium of the energy emanating from surface area reduction ES and energy adopted by viscous flow Ef.