Numerical Analysis of the NiTi Solidification Process Influence of Thermal Conductivity

  • Primož Ternik Ternik Primož-Private Researcher
  • Matej Zadravec Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Maribor
  • Rebeka Rudolf Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Maribor; Zlatarna Celje d.d.


The present study deals with the numerical analysis of the solidification process of a NiTi binary alloy. The physical medium is taken as an incompressible fluid where the heat is transferred by conduction and convection, including the thermal phase change phenomenon. The energy equation, which includes both convection-diffusion heat transfer and a mushy region for the phase-change (solidification), is modelled by using an enthalpy-based formulation. The numerical approach is based on the finite volume method in body fitted coordinates with a PISO scheme to couple the pressure and velocity fields. The results are presented for the temperature field, as well as for the NiTi mass fraction during the solidification process.