Synthesis, Structural, W-H Plot and Size-Strain Analysis of Nano Cobalt Doped MgFe2O4 Ferrite

  • Rakesh Vishwaroop Department of Physics, Jain P.U. College
  • Shridhar N. Mathad Departmernt of Physics, K.L.E Institute of Technology


In this study we have investigated structural attribute of Co+2 doped MgFe2O4. Synthesis of Mg1-xCoxFe2O4 ferrite was carried out using co-precipitation method. The formation of spinal ferrite was confirmed through X-ray diffraction. Lattice parameter found to be 8.376748 Å and crystallite sizes in the range 180-365 Å are observed. Various parameters like dislocation density (ρD); mechanical properties (strain), Hopping length {tetrahedral site (LA) and octahedral site (LB)}, Bond length (A-O and B-O), and Ionic radii (rA and rB) were reported. The W-H plot and Size-Strain plots were extensively studied and the results have been correlated.