Facile and Eco-Friendly Route for Green Synthesis of Magnesium Ferrite Nano Particles

  • N. M. Deraz Physical Chemistry Department, Laboratory of Surface Chemistry and Catalysis, National Research Centre


Magnesium ferrite (MgFe2O4) nano-particles were synthesized by using both the ceramic method and egg white assisted green synthesis method. The ceramic method carried out at different temperatures while the combustion method achieved at 300 oC for quarter-hour with various amounts of egg white. The green synthesis method was found to be a simple and cost-effective method compared to the ceramic method. Significant effects of the calcination temperatures and concentration of egg white on the observed phases, sizes, lattice parameters and morphological properties of the as-synthesized nanoparticles have been studied. Investigation of the structural and morphological characteristics of the as prepared samples was determined by XRD and SEM techniques, respectively. However, the relative atomic abundance of Mg, Fe and oxygen species present in various solids were determined by the EDX technique. The results display the nanometer size and partially inverse spinel structure of MgFe2O4 studied.