Structural, Vibrational and Magnetic Characterization of Copper doped CoMn2O4 Nano-particles Synthesized by Chemical Route

  • H. Shashidharagowda Department of Physics, Tontadarya College of Engineering
  • Shridhar N. Mathad Department of Engineering Physics, K.L.E. Institute of Technology
  • Megha B. Abbigeri Department of Applied Genetics, Karnatak University


The Co1-xCuxMn2O4 samples were effectively synthesized by means of chemical reagents and highly scalable co-precipitation technique. X-ray diffraction investigation affirmed the tetragonal structure possessed by Co1-xCuxMn2O4 with crystal size ranging from 12 nm to 22 nm. The crystallite size and micro strain values were correlated using Williamson-Hall plot and size-strain plot method. SEM images showed highly porous, less dense, agglomerated grains with grain size from 3.93 μm to 13.73 μm. Vibrational characterization of the samples was completed using FTIR spectra and Raman spectra which affirm the tetragonal structure. The magnetic characterization demonstrates the ferromagnetic nature of the materials which varies with copper substitution.